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How to read an INPIRE GML Addresses file ?

Question asked by ESRIusername2016 on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by bharold-esristaff


I would like to read with ArcMap 10.1 an INSPIRE GML Addresses file (attached file).

I have Interoperatibilty Extension and I'm using ArcInfo License.




[1] What is the best way to do this without having to import the GML file in a FileGDB ?

[2] This GML file is a file with a complex structure where elements are related to other elements of the same file by using relations (xlink:href). Besides seeing geometry of INPIRE GML (points) I want to see the relationships between the GML elements, is this possible in ArcMap?


Thank you very much in advance !