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How to add services from a federated hosting server to ArcGIS for AutoCAD 350?

Question asked by CDBrown_CSA on Jul 24, 2016
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I have previously used ArcGIS for AutoCAD with no issues and found it very useful. I now have Portal and have federated my server. This means that ArcGIS for AutoCAD can no longer access the services as the generateToken call made by the application does not hit the server location. Instead it needs to trace through to the portal token service. As such

1) is there way I can get ArcGIS for AutoCAD to hit the portal token service?

2) is there a way I can change the ArcGIS Online url to hit portal instead?

3) is there a way I can embed a long lived token for my services into the ArcGIS for AutoCAD?


Thanks for your help,

CD Brown