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How does cut polygons tool decide which part of the cut polygon belongs to the old object if the object consists of several polygons?

Question asked by anna.herttuainenesri-fi-esridist Employee on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by Dan_Patterson


I'm having an issue with Cut polygon tool. I'm trying to cut a polygon that is  part of an object that consists of two different polygons. When I cut the polygon, my wish is that the part closer to the other polygon, which is not cut, would belong to the object after the cutting and the other half would belong to a new object. However, what happens is that the half that is not close to the other polygon, gets linked to the old object and the other half between these polygons forms a new object. How can I change this and how does the cut polygons tool choose which part of the cutted polygon goes to old object?

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