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Question asked by rschoenefeld on Jul 21, 2016
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Today, when using WAB, it loads very slowly. Firebug shows me that the request to the service mentioned in the title is the cause of this. Sometimes, it takes one minute until I get an error message back from that service, sometimes (luckily) I get the error message back faster. Here's the call that's issued by WAB:…


WAB is waiting for an answer from that service before the loading indicator disappears. Here's what the answer is, once it comes back after a minute:

{"error":{"code":500,"message":"Error executing project","details":[]}}


Then, after WAB does some more loading, it issues a second request to that same service (same parameters again) and it's another minute until I get the same, disappointing answer.


Is this something only I'm experiencing? Any pointers? Because after two minutes of loading, the application seems to be working fine, is there something I can set in the application to just tell WAB not to do that call at all?



Ruben Schoenefeld

Utah Dept of Transportation