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GeoTransformation WKID/Code not accessible?

Question asked by talus-tech on Jul 21, 2016

We need to be able to find out what the WKID/Factory Code is for a GeoTransformation.


ITransformation, IGeoTransformation and GeoTransformation all do NOT show a WKID or Code eventhough it specifies right on the API documentation "Generic geotransformation class, holds either a WKT (string) or a WKID (factory code)." The only thing I have access to, to identify a GeoTransformation is "Name" however, which is against their documentation.


The GeoTransformationClass (COCLASS) does indeed have a "Code" property. However, I do not see any instructions anywhere whatsoever, that details how to use this class. There's no constructor, statics, and you cannot cast a GeoTransformation to a GeoTransformationClass.


Could someone give us a hand on this one? We need to find out the WKID code for a GeoTransormation (and currently cannot see a way to do so).


Thank you