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Geoevent Server not listening on TCP port

Question asked by sealjack on Jul 22, 2016

Hello, as the topic, we have a GPS device could send its text data via to our server on the TCP port 5565. I have set the inbound rule in windows 2012 firewall let the local server TCP port 5565 to accept connection from any port of any IP address. Back in Geoevent admin, I created a new Input Connector using the built-in input connector template Receive Text from a TCP Socket, and make sure the port is 5565, then crate a simple CSV output, and a simple Geoevent Service, finally connect together and fired up. However, it doesn't seems received anything. And when I ran netstat command on the server it didn't look like there's any application is listening on TCP port 5565.

I'm new to Geoevent so any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.