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ArcGIS javascript api application page shows blank page in Internet Explorer

Question asked by aparveen on Jul 21, 2016

Hi guys, I have a application from where I send query parameters (using hyperlink) to a ArcGIS javascript application to show query result on map. Now the issue I am having is, when I first send the query parameter, the map displays correctly, but from second time it starts to show blank page. But then if I refresh IE, it shows the map correctly.

Here are some more information.

     1) I am sending different query every single time.

     2) It works perfectly in Firefox and Chrome.

     3) I don't get any error in IE console.

     4) I tried using fiddler to monitor and it looks like browser is not doing anything.

Please let me know if you guys have ever encountered this issue or any suggestion that I might try.

Thanks so much.