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Choose from dropdowns and edit the output

Question asked by Keljarrett on Jul 21, 2016


Don't think this has been asked before but wanted to check. I was wondering if there are any plans to add functionality in to allow people to choose responses from a multi selection and then edit the output


In our potential scenario, our Tree Team are carrying out surveys on our trees and listing anything of note that represents a risk. Some of that can be limited to a common response e.g. tick all items found under tree (bench, wildlife, signage etc). However for more complex descriptions they are having to use free format text boxes, even though a lot of the text will be the same for each tree as its common terminology. All they are changing each time are the specific measurements for that individual tree. Examples are shown below

Canopy is overgrown by X

Roots are protuding about X metres away from the tree

Contractor Y will be contacted to trim back branches by X


If there was the ability to select from a series of options and this to then populate a text box, they could then go in and amend as necessary.