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image service raster dataset attributes

Question asked by disch041 on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by gmbacon

I have a 1 band thematic 32 bit unsigned tiff raster dataset with a raster attribute table. The raster attribute table contains a value field which is a unique ID and several other fields containing theme values which I would like to symbolize and publish services for each field. I've published this raster dataset directly as an image service. The resulting service gives the ability to identify values from the raster attribute table. My users would like to see the raster dataset published with classified symbology. The users of the service can do this themselves by loading a .lyr file to the services symbology and still see the raster attributes when using the identify tool. However when I try to publish this image service by publishing the associated .lyr file the resulting service looses the ability to identify values from the raster dataset attribute table. I've also tried saving the symbology as a .rft raster function but I receive an image service with the same issue. Is there a way to publish the raster dataset with the desired symbology and still be able to identify the values from the raster attribute table? I'm publishing to 10.3.1