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Animal Tracking: Points to Lines by date and Unique ID? Help, please.

Question asked by AnnH2016 on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by AnnH2016

Hey y'all! I have a question that I have yet to figure out on my own. Hopefully you all can be of assistance.


Basically, I am wanting to map animal movements in ARC. I have several animals, each with their own unique ID number. Each of these animals have a location point for a certain date. Therefore, I am wanting to map their movements. I need a line connecting the location points of each animal to their location by subsequent date. Therefore, the animal named "Fluffy" should have its own line connecting July 1, to July 2, to July 3, etc. Animal "Sparky" should have a different line connecting its location on July 1, to its location on July 2, to its location on July 3, etc.


Any ideas on how to carry this out? Any info is appreciated. !