Viewing Multiple Layer Attributes in an ArcGIS Online Presentation

Discussion created by doctorjproctor on Jul 19, 2016

I am looking for a simple way for my students to share field survey results via ArcGIS Online, in which any particular layer stores multiple attributes. It seems as if the Presentation utility allows one to hide/display certain layers on various slides, but not to display multiple attributes of the same layer on different slides (i.e., it fetches the most recent layer style when displaying that layer in all slides). One can of course manually edit the map layer style to view various attributes, but I'd like them to prepare presentations that do this.


At present, the best option is to use the Print utility, then save a series of .png images of various map views showing one particular layer attribute at a time, and assemble these Print images into a presentation. If anyone can suggest a more elegant solution (again in ArcGIS Online, given student limitations), I'd sure appreciate.




Jim P.