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How to correct parcels off by 30 meters?

Question asked by Roxcreek on Jul 19, 2016
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Hello ESRI community,


I am working with a number of layers which depict a county in North Carolina. I have roads, floodway, parcels, etc. I am using NC state plane (feet) as the projection.


My issue: the parcels layer for one of the counties seems to be approximately 30 meters southwest of the rest of the data. (measured between the features themselves)


The parcels layer of issue is in the same projection and GCS as all the other layers. One can see the issue below....


you can see how the bridge in the west should fit nicely in the gap of parcels ... and also how Beech road should fit in the space to the west as well.


The extent for the parcels is 985692.937598 ft top, 1449593.500033 ft right, 824972.250182 ft bottom, and 1248152.624849 ft left.

The extent for the county as provided by TIGER shapefile data from the Census Bureau is 985743.531657 ft top, 1449459.168757 ft right, 825065.010167 ft bottom, 1248233.826458 ft left


I greatly appreciate your help!