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Anyone getting the error "The app domain ... was unloaded due to memory pressure and could not be found"

Question asked by acmadison on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by gisfinder

Several months ago we upgraded SQL Server to 2014 on Win2012. Geodb is at 10.2.2 still.

Since the upgrade, we see performance degrade over about a 2 week period to the point of having to restart the DB server.

The SQL logs show an increasing number of error statements as shown in the title. Example: on day 10 after a restart  I get one unloaded error and it repeats over 5 days, then I get 3 errors on day 16, then 40 on day 17 and finally 3500 on roughly the 18-21st day. At this point the server is paralyzed across the whole instance and needs to be restarted.


This ESRI tech article refers to a Microsoft memory error but gives no details.

Error: The app domain with specified version id (%d) was unloaded due to memory pressure and could not be found


Before we drop $$ on Microsoft, does anyone have a similar experience?

Best I can tell it seems to deal with spatial data types, CLR and memory.

ESRI confirmed that CLR is not required for ArcGIS to work with SQL Server.


Any help is appreciated