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Thank you Survey123 Team

Question asked by ecrda@gis1 on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by bowlesgsrcx

Thank you Ismael and the whole Team of Survey123 , you have no idea how you have helped us with this application , The only few things I can suggest that may be will  be added in the next release are:

1. Send notification(Triggers) Where the admin can select the fields to be emailed to number of people. e.g. When a field worker collect information in this region/districts it automatically send a notification the person responsible for that region/districts .


2. To be able to load excel sheet with co-ordinates or shapefile ,e.g. when a field worker goes to an already mapped or collected feature ,it allows the field worker to update the existing meter reading and later on the admin can be able to see when last a field worker visited this meter and what was the reading at that time and be able record the current reading


3. Routing , where a new field worker can be able to drive to the collected feature



Thank you all