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HELP - Please give me some direction in creating a thematic map using ESRI API...

Question asked by cremodels on Jul 19, 2016

I feel like what I'm trying to create is a very basic task, yet I can't seem to find a tutorial anywhere.


I want to be able to provide a lat/long point in the US.


I want to get back a thematic map showing population density by census block (or block group) within a range of 6 miles from the lat/long point.


I also want to show on the map 1/3/5 mile rings.


I also want the population data within the 1/3/5 mile radii.


I'd like the map returned to be a static image, in high-resolution.


I'd also like to do this for household income.


I'm using C# for this particular application.


Does this fit within the ESRI API platform somehow?