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synchronyzing offline edits, ok for delete & addnew , NOT OK for update

Question asked by costeakai on Jul 16, 2016
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This works ok, offline updates (to geometry) are saved in the offline geodatabase:

Geometry geometry = await MyMapView.Editor.EditGeometryAsync(feature.Geometry);

feature.Geometry = GeometryEngine.Simplify(geometry);

await table.UpdateAsync(feature);

But, after about 10 days of haotic work, i don't see the light: any offline update, dissapears AFTER SYNCHRONIZATION and DOESN'T SHOW UP in the PostgreSQL-Geodatabase (SDE) Feature Class;

Could you , please, give me some broad-steps indications, on how to synchronize offline updates?

Even detailed indications wouldn't hurt .

Your samples do not cover offline updates synchronizing, (just addnew), and its almost impossible for me to put togeather the online documentation, and to sort it out .

I'm afraid i'll have to keep on trying for 2-3 months...with no outcome guaranteed.