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Projecting/georeferencing MODIS blue marble image

Question asked by psagar on Jul 15, 2016

I have combined MODIS blue marble images into a mosaic, a screen shot of the mosaic raster image with its source info opened in arcmap is attached. The  file source shows that it has angular coordinates defined but it doesn't overlap with other layers having projection defined. I tried to define projection/project but nothing seems to be working. My problem is that this image does not align with other layers. I need to define a correct projection so that it aligns with other global maps (e.g. basemap) and overlaps with them. I know the coordinates of all the four corners of the map (e.g. bottom left corner is -180, -90 or 180W, 90S). I thought it should be a simple problem of georeferencing but it does not seem so after searching all the information online. How can I project or georeference this image in a simple way using the tools in arcgis? Please help.