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Multiple CGA Rule Files to a Single City Engine Layer

Question asked by jugalpatel803 on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by BrianO



I'm wondering if it is possible to apply two separate cga rule files to the same layer. Specifically, I have a water layer and I am trying to add this rule to it to animate the water:


@Range(-180, 180)

attr Rotation = 0

@Range(0.1, 20.1)

attr Scale = 5


attr Texture = "SeaWater.jpg"

attr SizeX = 100

attr SizeZ = 100


Water -->



  setupProjection(0, scope.xz, SizeX * Scale, SizeZ * Scale)



  # This line makes it animate in a web scene.

  set(, "watermaterial__waterparams_2_5")


But then I'm also trying to see if I can add another rule to it as well, that will extrude the water, allowing me to build a basic flooding model. Here is the second rule:


attr ELEVATION = 0



Lot --> extrude(ELEVATION)


If it is not possible to apply both rules separately, does anyone know how I can combine the two into one rule so that I can apply it? Thanks!