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Converting CAD Annotation for ArcGIS Online use

Question asked by dhughespwsb on Jul 15, 2016

Hello all. I have been working to convert my departments CAD layers to GIS. I have been successful for the most part. One thing that I cannot seem to figure out is how to get our CAD annotation layers to show up when using a map or app online.


I started my bringing in the cad drawings to desktop, then converting the CAD annotation to a Annotation Feature Class. I then published the annotation feature class as a tile service. I am able to view the annotation on a map or app, but only to about the "Neighborhood" 1:20000 scale. When I zoom in past that, all annotation disappears. When I created the tile service in Desktop I set the visibility range as low as it would go.


Does anyone have any experience in converting CAD annotation?


P.S. In desktop I can see the annotation at any scale.