Automated GeoRef App

Discussion created by summitsound on Jul 15, 2016

A while ago I created a tool that would automatically georeference an image. If you can put down at least one control point on your map and copy the link coordinates in the form of x, y (In the spatial coordinate system and the map scale) it would calculate enough links to automatically georeference the image.


This was useful because there were times that you could barely put down a control point on an image if the map was a block model, grade boundary or anything that can not be registered by merely looking at topos or imagery. Or if you have a block model with a grid coordinate system on it, you just need one x,y point, the scale of the map and the app could do the rest. It's still Excel based and then you'd have to re-import the file as a txt - link file but I could do some work on it to automate it a bit more.


Anybody interested?