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Enhanced Search Widget - Find points within selection

Question asked by Natalie.Scott on Jul 13, 2016
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I'm currently deploying the Enhanced Search widget in a developer version of Web App Builder and am having some trouble getting the functionality I need.


I have a layer of polygons (area boundaries) and a set of points (crash locations). I need users to select all the crashes that occur in a specific area polygon. Currently I can select the polygon (select by value), and I can select crashes that occur in a hand-drawn extent (select by shape), but I can't combine the two to say 'select the crashes that are inside the selected polygon'.


Looking at the help doc here I can see that it should be possible. The symbol outlined in red should be coming up.. but it's not. Yes, in the 'Edit Graphical Search Options' link I have checked the 'eLocate Widget Graphics' checkbox.


I feel like I'm missing something very obvious... any suggestions? I'm using the latest version of both WAB and the eSearch widget.


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