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What “tool” should I use for GUI in ArcMap 10.3

Question asked by goro13 on Jul 13, 2016
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I’m trying to find the best solution for adding/update a new/old record in a feature class in ArcMap 10.3 environment using a GUI. I’ve done some research for the last couple of days trying to identify the solution that will best fit my needs but because I haven’t got experience with developing for ArcMap I’ve ended up on this forum. My experience in programming is related to using VBA with Excel and AutoCAD and some Java and Python codding.

The main structure of the input is described in the picture bellow.

Basically it should collect some data based on a user input, get some additional input based on the initial input and add a new record in a polygon feature class.

Considering what I’ve understood so far it looks like I can use ArcObjects or a combination between Custom Script Tool and Python with a possibility of including PyQT as well . I’ve spent some time in trying to see if ArcObjects for .Net is the proper tool and looks like I will be able to get what I need but I was wondering if there is a better approach or if I can do it without ArcObjects. I am most worried about the select/create feature from the drawing with snapping capabilities and branching functionalities.

I would also much appreciate answers that can help in how or what NOT to use to achieve my goal.


add record GUI.png