New Arcpy bug at 10.4

Discussion created by kimo on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2016 by bixb0012

(Sigh) I thought that a minor upgrade from 10.3 to 10.4 would be uneventful, but unfortunately I have hit a new bug that is painful to work around. I am copying a subset from a spatialite database to a file geodatabase using a View and SQL filter. This was very elegant but now it crashes completely. The tables are large so it is time consuming to create a repeatable standalone demonstration, but if I cannot do that I can appreciate it is hard to track down so here goes as a warning to others.


db = "e:/parcel.sqlite"

pre = '/main.'

for src,filter,tab in [['Legal_Description',"ttl_title_no is not null","Legal_Description"]]:

    if not arcpy.Exists(sqlite+"/"+tab):


            print tab, filter, db+pre+src, sqlite+"/"+tab

  , 'view', filter)

            count_view = int("view").getOutput(0))

            print count_view,"count_view"

            if not arcpy.Exists(intermediate_db+'/'+tab):

                arcpy.conversion.TableToTable('view', intermediate_db, tab) # crashes here

            count_table = int('/'+tab).getOutput(0))

            print "intermediate table count",tab, count_table

            if count_table != count_view:

                sys.exit() # give up here assuming that the TableToTable does not crash first

            arcpy.conversion.TableToTable(intermediate_db+'/'+tab, sqlite, tab)

            print tab, "copied",

        except Exception, errmsg:

            arcpy.AddError("Error {}\n {}".format(tab,errmsg))

            print "Error {}\n {}".format(tab,errmsg), arcpy.GetMessages()


The problem is deadlines, not reporting bugs. I have thought of three workarounds:

Use another system with SQL functions that work on featureclasses eg SQLiteExpertPro, but this is a bit manual.

Copy all the tables into a filegeodatabase (Table to Table works on full tables), very slow

Add pyspatialite and compose sql queries in python. Works but takes time to write.