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In Leaflet how to quarter a circle?

Question asked by on Jul 13, 2016
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I need to use a circle to select points, but I need to identify which points are in the NE, SE, SW, NW quads of the circle.. Since my circle is created by Lat/Long and a Radius, with the Radius being in meters how can I draw a line to bisect it into quarters?


My thoughts were to first select the points by circle, then create 4 squares(quads) and use them to further select the points inside the circle. However it turns out you need lat/longs to draw a square and I'd need to figure out how to get the Min/Max values for a square so many meters wide. Finally for the map graphic I'd have to clip the box using the circle.


My second option was create 4 arrays (NE,SE, SW, NW) and just run a check to see if they are North and East of the circle center coordinate, etc and place them in the correct array, than symbolize then using different colors based on array values.


Does anyone have any thoughts, Ideas, links, or code examples?