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Viewing Geodatabase Geometry Length in MS Access

Question asked by doug_m on Jul 11, 2016
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I have a Geodatabase in a versioned SDE environment on network server (10.3.1) and Microsoft Access 2010 on Enterprise Geodatabase and SQL Server 2012 on Windows 10 (I also have the same set up on Windows 7). In MS Access I have an read only ODBC connection to the geodatabase and can view all fields, datasets, and feature classes without any problems.


Does anyone know how to display the SHAPE.STLength() geometry field of the line feature classes in MS Access?



I know I could create a field and calculate the length into the field but I am working with (currently) 20+ feature classes, some points, mostly lines, some polygons. I am rolling up based on common attributes per feature class for projects for accounting and need to be able to have the most up to date information without having to manual trigger or calculate field lengths multiple fields.