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SDE Taking Too Long To Load Data

Question asked by mgmccart on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by ejabrams

We are loading large amounts of data (1,000,000+ records) into a single feature classes into our Oracle 12c ArcSDE 10.4 instance. However, it is taking way too long to load that data. For example, I tried to load 550,000 records into a feature class using the Simple Data Loader in ArcCatalog on Sunday starting at 10:00 am, by 7:00 pm, it still wasn't done loading. I let it run all night, and it finally loaded. Our test environment does not have this same issue. Loading data into our test environment, with less resources, takes just a few minutes.


Where can I start to troubleshoot this issue? Is it in Oracle, SDE set up? We have REST services being served out by these feature classes and tables in SDE, could that be an trouble area?


Any help would be appreciated.