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Cannot access bearing/Distance tool

Question asked by Tdegrazia on Jul 11, 2016
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Hello all!


I am looking to create some lines based off of some bearings and distances, and I figured out that ArcMap has a tool for this, but when I turn on the COGO editting bar, i do not see the construction tool they are talking about.


I right-click while editing while the cogo tool bar is turned on, and nothing.


I found this Bearing, Distance, and Delta X,Y—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop


Which is how I know this is a valid tool, but I cannot find it.  I tried to look up digitize mode, but I don't have a digitize tab under my options.


I have an advanced license so I should be able to access this tool.  This is driving me nuts, I am not sure what I am missing to access this tool.  Is it possible you can only use this tool in constructing polygons?  I am trying to use it to construct lines.


Thank you,