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CSV file upload to ARCGIS Online question

Question asked by EsriMatthieu on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by rastrauch

I am trying to upload a csv file to ARCGIS online and it keeps telling me that


""The file, Collisions.csv, cannot be added to the map. It contains addresses that need to be converted to map points (geocoded) and you do not have privileges to perform this kind of task. Contact your administrator for more information.”


I am unsure who my system administrator is, and I am further confused by this following information regarding CSV files i read on the ArcGIS site itself:


"The layer can be created as long as the CSV file contains either street addresses or latitude-longitude coordinates.


It appears this information may be in conflict with my current issue. The reason I say this is because i have tried just importing the longitude/latitude into its own cvs file and still get this error. I have done the same thing with the .TXT files to get this same error. Is this an issue only my system administrator can authorize? It appears that my issue may be in conflict with what has been described in the ARCGIS site itself about CSV file compatibility with ArcGis Online.