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How to define a halo color for a DynamicLabelingInfo

Question asked by epaitz-esristaff Employee on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Kechinn

I am using the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET (10.2.7). Is it possible to define a halo color for a TextSymbol within a DynamicLabelingInfo that is used to display labels for a DynamicLayerInfo? There is an example found at (Label map features—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET | ArcGIS for Developers ) under the "Define labels for a dynamic layer" section but it does not show how to define the halo color. This appears to work for an AttributeLabelClass but not for the DynamicLabelingInfo class? I know this is possible with the WPF Runtime thus I assume that the ArcGIS Server REST API can handle a halo color for a text label on a DynamicLayerInfo so I assume I am either missing something simple or this has not be implemented yet?