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AGOL polygon labels do not auto-adjust (float)

Question asked by smjett on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by smjett

I am working on a web map ( ) that contains a mask layer that obscures the basemap when a user zooms in further than desired (1:36,112) and delivers the message "Zoom out to view map." The mask is a feature collection that was added to the map as a zipped shapefile, and is simply a large rectangle that obscures the U.S. The zoom out message was simply configured as a label on that layer.


Until recently, the zoom out message was much more dynamic and would display wherever you panned around on the map provided you were within the mask polygon layer and zoomed in at or past the 1:36,112 threshold. It does not do this any more. Has something changed in the way AGOL handles map labels?