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Setting Popup Location for Point in 4.0

Question asked by lorieme on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by lorieme

I am using the sample called "Query features from a FeatureLayerView" in the JavaScript 4.0 API and am using a point feature layer rather than a polygon.  How do I set the location for the Popup Location?


There are two problems with what I have tried:  1.  When I click on a list-item in the right pane, the popup doesn't display, unless I click on a feature first to bring up the popup.  Then as I go through the list-items, the popup content will change.  2.  The location of the popup won't change when I am clicking list-items in the right pane.  The location of the popup does change when I click on the individual features on the map.


This is what I have tried:


if (result) {{

          features: [result],

          location: evt.mapPoint