Pivot: Zonal Histogram Results Table

Discussion created by Playa on Jul 6, 2016
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I'm busy summarizing the landuse found within each of my watersheds using Zonal Histogram. I'd like to pivot the Hydro (i.e. Hydro_1236 etc.) columns to rows and pivot the Label Column values to column headings. I've attached the Zonal Histogram Results Table as well as a mock-up of the table structure that I'm looking for.



Watersheds + Land-use Raster



Zonal Histogram Results Table



Landuse Raster: Classification



Landuse Raster: Labels



Pivot Results Table:


Note that the HydroID field values were based on the following fields: Hydro_1236 etc. I removed "Hydro_" before adding them to the HydroID field.


How can I achieve the following using either Python Pivot Table or Pandas, thanks in advance for any help on the following.