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Search widget message when no results

Question asked by rafael.fernandez.gis on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by rafael.fernandez.gis

Hi, I am trying to get a message, pop up or whatever from the Search widget when no suggestions were found. I am using WAB 2.0. I am using a feature layer.

Search settings are:



So if the user types a street which is actually inside the feature layer, it works as expected and then suggestions show up:


However, if the user types something weird, then the Search widget can't find any suggestion which is fine, but there will not be messages or information for the user at all, which is bad since the user didn't know what is going on.


So my questions is...can I modify the widget in order to get a kind of message like this, without press any button or enter key, just after the user types 3 characters?