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Warp from File tool not working

Question asked by Denniska1 on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

This seems like a straight-forward thing to do, but I cant get the tool to work.

The Warp from File tool isn't working, however the Warp tool does give the intended result.

I haven't been able to find a practical guide or solution on any other resource, so any help is appreciated.


Here is what I'm doing:

1) Importing raster

2) Georeferencing toolbar -> adding Control Points

3) Creating a text file of the Source Control Points and Target Control Points to be used as the Link File (tool input)

4) Warp From File tool -> Input Raster (new version without control points*). Added Link File**. Selected POLYORDER1 and NEAREST setting.


*I'm adding a different version of the raster, without the control points I found that will be used in the Link File.

The Link File needs to contain source and target control points according to the tool description in the Search menu.

Running the Warp From File tool creates an output raster that is not Warped and is identical to the input.


But when I use the Warp tool, the result is as expected- the output raster is re-positioned to fit the target points.

For the Warp tool I'm matching the Target Control Points with the "X source" and "Y source" coordinates manually as Source Control Points. Those X and Y source coordinates come from manually adding control points in the Georeferencing toolbar and can be found in the Link Table in the Georeferencing toolbar.

The Warp tool works great with the POLYORDER1 and NEAREST settings.


Maybe the problem with the Warp From File tool is that I'm adding the Link File fields in the text file in an order that is different from what the tool needs(Target X and Y after Control X and Y; or the other way around). But the documentation doesn't state in which order the fields need to the in the Link File.


Thanks in advance for any help.