The new ESRI Ideas website is poorly designed

Discussion created by Hornbydd Champion on Jul 5, 2016
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The old ESRI ideas website has been absorbed into the geonet website. Whilst I have no particular opinion in that move and in fact it does mean one only has to visit one website the current design I find unusable.


To vote on an idea one has to drill down to the very idea page then step back up out to see the next idea and repeat. It is slow, painful and cumbersome (even on a University internet connection).


Overnight my participation on the ideas website has died because I can't scroll through and vote at the top level showing all the latest ideas.


The old website presented all the ideas on one scrolling page which you could quickly skim through, see an idea and its description and make an informed vote on the idea. Now you have to drill down to see the vote buttons.


The top level (what you are calling content) listing the ideas needs vote buttons at that level and ideally the full description. The thumbnail view gives you a partial description but if the poster has included an image you won't see that.


The Overview page has the nearest thing to what I am looking for but it appears to only shows the latest, so if you want to filter by newest/top score you have to be in the contents section.


Please consider adding vote buttons to the top level listing of ideas to encourage people to vote rather than suffer all the jumping around which the current design forces upon a contributor.