Exporting GA Layer to Grid: Cell Size & Accuracy

Discussion created by Playa on Jun 29, 2016
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I've used Geostatistical Analyst Cokriging (Rainfall + Elevation) to create an MAP Surface (Mean Annual Precipitation). The GA layer that is produced as an output of the analysis can't be used in any of the other ArcGIS tools for further processing. You have to convert the GA Layer to Grid using the following tool: GA Layer to Grid. The problem that I'm having is that  when I try to convert my GA Layer to Grid with a cell size of 30m based on the resolution of the DEM, it runs forever without completing. I left is running for 48 hrs without any sign that it was about to complete running. There seems to be no way of telling what the current cell size is of the GA Layer to understand why converting the GA Layer to Grid is not working. I don't wish to reduce the cell size as this will reduce the accuracy of the predicted surface which I have spent considerable time getting the input variables and models correctly setup. Any help as to why GA Layer to Grid is unable to export the following Grid (30m Cellsize) will be appreciated.


It would help going forward if the GA layer could be used as input to other ArcGIS Tools to prevent the need of having to covert the results to a Grid unnecessarily.



Geostatistical Layer: Cokriging Result


I've attached my geostatistical model xml file.