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Special Events removed from LGIM model and moved to ArcGIS Online only.

Question asked by bsanders69 on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by SOppmann-esristaff

I just recently downloaded the latest LGIM model.  It would seem that ESRI has removed the Special Events feature classes, modified them to group with Community Events (which is fine), add comments, attachments and at least a relationship class, but have hosted them as Feature Layers Online only.  These feature classes have been removed from the LGIM data model.  What?  Why would you remove these extensively used feature classes from our Enterprise geodatabase?  I might see the advantages to using online, but not exclusively.  These types of community events are also typically, and by definition, used at the Local Government level, not the State level that the remaining single feature class remains and all documentation refers to...  Three are probably more instances of this occurring with this June release of the LGIM data model, but I have not yet thoroughly addressed the schema changes.  I guarantee I'm not the only one that will be confused and potentially upset about this drop/move of locally stored/managed data.