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Question asked by howjoh on Jun 29, 2016

I like all the apps but when I create these free GIS apps, do I have to put them on a GIS or ArcGIS online portal.  can I use them on my own personal Web site for people to down load? are there any restrictions.

I just have games and apps to down my link is
I would like to create a special page for GIS.

I usually just try to find and post the top five apps each week I can find or create them... Many people could use these apps but they don'  know much about GIS and all these great apps.

Whom do I need to contact about transferring my traffic or is it possible, or allowed?


The traffic slide they showed in the class 6-F 3:15 Arc Pro 1.3 and 1.4  was only in the thousands my traffic is twice that.