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How do I enable editing in an ArcGIS Online app??

Question asked by jacoadmin on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by aradi.renata

OK, so I can create an ArcGIS Online *map* that enables editing, no problem. In my "My Content" folder I click on the feature layer and select "add layer to map with full editing control."


But when I save that map, and add it to an *app,* it will not let me edit anything within the app, even though I've added the editing widget to the app. In the editing popup it says ""Feature creation is disabled for all layers."


I've also tried the following:

-- In the "edit application" page of my app, I can click on the Map tab, select "Edit this Map," select "Add Layer from File" and then upload a zipped shapefile into my app, making sure to enable editing after it adds it to the map. Then save everything. Unfortunately when I do that and click on the editing widget, the editing popup says "Feature creation is disabled for all layers." It seems to give me that message no matter what I do.

-- Oddly, if I upload the same zipped shapefile from not within the app, but from within my "My Content" page, and then try to add that layer to my map, it doesn't even have an option to enable editing after I add it to the map. This is unfortunate, because when I add it in this way, I can actually see where (what folder) the layer is located in. On the other hand, when I add in the zipped shapefile from within the app (actually, from within the map editor) itself, for the life of me I cannot find where it puts that layer. I presume it's embedded within the map somewhere, but if I ever wanted to copy that layer to my computer or somewhere else, I'd be at a loss where the heck it was located.


What am I missing?