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How do I find all of the historical information on an SDE database?

Question asked by Tdegrazia on Jun 28, 2016

I am not a database person, but i am familiar enough with some of the small in's and out's of SDE.  Currently I have a co-worker who told me that he loaded his work into an SDE DB that since its creation I have kept registered and archived, with it having to be re-versioned and re-archived under the usual circumstances.  


But when i bring up the historical version of the FC, the data only goes back to 5/27/16, and I have been maintaining this data since the creation of the DB, which i am not sure when it was, but it is over 6 months. 


I have a co-worker who occasionally applies FME translations to the Datasets, which causes them to unversion, but then i re-version them, and I was wondering if maybe that might be the issue?  


Or what exactly does compressing the database do?  Would that effect the historical versions of the data?


I am just not sure what happened to all of the historical data for this database, and am just looking for a few reasons maybe why this happened.


Thank you,