Getting Ready To Roll at UC 2016

Discussion created by CCatania-esristaff Employee on Jun 26, 2016

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Hi Everyone - As we shared earlier, Timothy Hales and I will be sharing our UC experience with you through live blogging and daily discussions here on GeoNet. Each day, like this, we'll have a general daily discussion to recap the previous day and kick off the new day. We invite you to share your experience in the comments on each daily discussion thread.


To kick it off, this is a pre-conference discussion to give you a sneak peak at the User Conference before things get ready to roll tomorrow morning. We'll also be live blogging the Plenary and other events throughout the week and you can follow and join the conversations in the User Conference group.


We've both arrived in San Diego earlier today and we cruised around the convention center checking out the scene for UC 2016. This is my first UC and a pretty cool experience to have as a new Esri employee too. It was exciting to see everything getting set up and peek in on the Plenary practice session.  I snapped a couple pictures (below) to share with you and I hope you enjoy them.  We're looking forward to sharing our UC experience with you here on GeoNet. Here's to a great UC and collaborative chat in the community!


Monday informal Meet-up location update:

For tomorrow's informal meet-up on Monday in the Map Gallery, we'll be meeting in the front left corner by the Young Scholars area (see picture below) from 4-5pm. See you there! Check out this post for more details about the formal meet-ups Tuesday-Thursday.







The calm before the UC storm. Love the giant globes and detailed map murals! Turns the San Diego convention center into one big connected map.

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An "I had no idea" mural infographic! Beautiful and creative way to share lots of info about how Esri helps customers and impacts the world around us.

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