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How to hide the popup that appeared at 3.17?

Question asked by jondoigdev on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by jondoigdev

I've been developing a web app on ArcGIS for JS 3.16. I just noticed that 3.17 has been released so I tried loading that instead of 3.16. It seems to work fine except that the bottom edge of a popup window is now visible on map load. I don't use popups in my app at all.


Why is it appearing and how should I hide it? I tried map.infoWindow.hide() to no avail. I guess I could fiddle with the CSS but I'm more inclined to simply revert to 3.16.


Top left corner with v3.16:



Top left corner with v3.17 (with the element "inspected" in Chrome Developer Tools):



Here are the functions I load - do I need to set an option to disable popups on one of these?