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Unable to Sync from Collector after June Update

Question asked by lscharen on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by SPrindle-esristaff


We have a hosted feature service that was checked out from ArcGIS Online onto Collector earlier in the month.  Data was being collected and synced nightly without an issue.


No data was collected from June 11 - June 20 due to staff vacation.


Starting this week, we are unable to Sync to the hosted feature service.  We get repeated errors of "Username and password invalid. Enter valid credentials for map layer '<hosted map layer URL>'"


We have tried changing the Sharing setting on the Hosted layer all the way up to Everyone and increasing the Role of the users from User to Administrator, all with no effect.


We have already copied the geodatabase off of our iPad in order preserve edits, but would like to restore the ability to Sync in order to continue data collection.


Q: Has there been any changed during the June update that could have caused this issue?

Q: How can we resolve the sync issue without data loss?


Thank you.