How to delete SDE database that was already dropped in SQL Server

Discussion created by gcCtuir on Jun 23, 2016
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I am relatively new to the ArcGIS world but am experienced with SQL Server.  We are geo-enabling a database that already exists in SQL Server.  In preparation for deploying to Test and later to Production, I am writing a how to guide, to make all the steps consistently reproducible.  Before starting, I took a backup of the database.  After geo-enabling the database, I missed documenting a step in ArcCatalog.  Without thinking, I quickly dropped the database in SQL Server, and restored it from the backup, to simply start over.  Now, although the restored non-geo-enabled database is what I have in SQL Server, ArcCatalog still sees the database as geo-enabled.  In ArcCatalog, when I right-click on the database connection, the Enable Geodatabase option is disabled.


Corrective action so far.

Delete the connection in ArcCatalog and recreate it:  No help.

Delete the connection in ArcCatalog, then drop the database in SQL Server, then restore the database with the same name, then recreate the db connection:  No help.


Basically is seems that ArcCatalog now/still recognizes the database as a geo-enabled and registered database.  I do not want to change the name of the database.


How can I clean this one database out and start over?


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