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Map Series/layout with both 2D and 3D map frames issues

Question asked by xyknewtry on Jun 23, 2016

I was told that map series is not supported for 3D maps. However I really would like to create a large number of 3D maps. An workaround I'm trying is to have both a 2D and a 3D map frame on a layout, set up a map series for the 2D map, then link the 3D map frame to the 2D map frame. There are two issues I'm having right now.


1. No matter how the 3D maps are tilted when it is added to the layout, linking the 3D map frame to the 2D one sets the camera angle of the 3D map to looking down from above, thus making the 3D map look like a 2D map. This happens 100% of the times if "Best Fix Extent" or "Center and Height" is chosen, and most of the times if "Center" is chosen. I'm really scratching my head what I have been doing differently when choosing the "Center" option to have different results.


2. Even if the 3D look remains when linking the map frames, the extent of the 3D map doesn't match that of the 2D map (actually they are quite different). When navigating through the map series, the extent of both map frames changes, but they stay very different.


May questions are

1. Is this a feasible workaround?

2. If it is, any suggestion on how to maintain the 3D map tilt etc. when linking it to a 2D frame, and make sure it contains the content of the 2D map frame?