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Publish layer file referencing mosaic dataset in registered folder

Question asked by gyetman on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by gyetman

I have a mosaic dataset that I want to publish as an image service to a server that does not have ArcGIS Desktop installed (just ArcGIS Server). I have copied the data over and a file Geodatabase that references the mosaic with the proper paths. I can publish an image service with the registered data by right-clicking the mosaic on my local machine and choosing "Share As Image Service". So I know that the data are registered properly on the server. The volume is high (~60GB) for copying over at publishing time, thus the registration.


I would like to publish the service based on a layer file that references the mosaic. When I do so, the publishing fails. I tried updating the layer file so that it has the path on the server (different than the path on my local machine), but then I cannot publish it--I get a data source error.


Is there a workflow to publish a layer file that references a mosaic dataset as an image service?