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How do I edit some right angles at known distance?

Question asked by huffmanp on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by blake.terhune

I was asked to create a sketch of some proposed construction footprints,  but I seem to have forgotten everything I knew about parcel editing.  I haven't been given a survey transit, just a sketch on what looks like Google.  Two rectangles with a ten foot offset from existing buildings, and a requirement to align to those buildings. 


I thought I would start be editing in a new FC for the alignment edges of the existing buildings,  then a new feature class for the 10 foot offset,  then copy parallel to get something to snap the one side of the new building footprint to,  but I already couldn't remember how to add a line both perpendicular and a known distance.  I suppose I need to know how to do this when constructing the building polygons as well.  It's such a small project,  I don't think I would need to define a topology just to eyeball in a ten foot parallel setback.


How about a nudge in the right direction?  Why can't I remember how I have done this?


Layout for Shape File of Lyle Falls Shop and Bullpen.jpg