Merge Feature Classes With Attachments

Discussion created by mbly29 on Jun 20, 2016
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Looking for some guidance on a process that I cannot seem to find a complete solution for online with tech or knowledge articles online.


Would like to merge two point feature classes together. Each have their own attachments (Collector App photos). I would like to merge these together (easy) and have the attachments come across as well. I have tried merging together (success) and then creating new _ATTACH table  and then appending the two tables into the new merge _ATTACH table. All the attachments come in  - just NOT in the right record. I believe this is because all I have is OID in the tables and these points float during geoprocessing (merge) therefore not matching up to the table when I run the APPEND tool.


Do I have to utilize Global ID’s on the original datasets (FC)?  How do I maintain or fix the proper relationship after the merge?