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ArcGIS OnLine - Allow selection color for polygons to be controlled

Question asked by RayCrew on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by rachelr

In ArcGIS Online, both Web Maps and Web Mapping Applications, seem to have a default color set for selected polygons. The polygon boundary is highlighted in cyan and the polygon highlighted in a semi-transparent brown. (See image below)


While clearing the selection will removes the highlight, many inexperienced users may not think to do that. Users have also been confused with the coloring, thinking the value or class of the polygon has been changed to something else. 


Some Web Mapping Application templates do change the color, but I have found they then change too many other things to be acceptable.


Does anyone know how to allow selection color to be controlled in all Web Maps and Web Mapping Applications? I have tried all I know from the MXD used to make the REST service to all available options in Web Maps and Web Mapping Applications.  This is a big enough deal for my reviewers to kill the project without a solution. My dream is to keep the cyan boundary and have a no color highlight for the polygon. Am considering adding a separate line layer, but am hoping to avoid that.