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Is there a way to move a public job query from one container to another in WMX 10.3.1?

Question asked by RudinA on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by RudinA

Does anyone know of a way to move an existing public job query from one container to another?


I am building a new workflow for a group in my organization using WMX 10.3.1.  I have an existing public query I'd like to use as a template for the new group, but they will have their own query container, plus the existing query needs to be tweaked slightly for the new group. 


I was able to clone the existing query, and it shows up in the same container.  I have tried dragging to a new container, but nothing happens.  I also went into the queries properties and didn't see a place to designate which container it belongs to.


Thanks for any help you can provide,


Andrew Rudin